Getting Your Parenting Adjusted to Your Child’s Personality and Temperament

Parents usually have better sense about the personality and limitation of their children. Yet, they end up struggling to get their children transformed, which sometimes seems pretty difficult, and out of sense too. Accepting the children for what they are and recognizing their limitations in a respectful manner can make the parenting an easier task. In the meantime, the children can be encouraged to trust their abilities while they grow. Remember, forcing the children to be someone they cannot be is a useless and more harmful practice which yields disastrous results.

Dr. Sam Goldstein, a psychologist who specializes in children, explains two basic types of children. Type 1 is of the children who are self-dependent and self-confident. Parents do not have to do something substantial to transform them because they are usually ready to learn from their mistakes and move forward. They just need to be put in the right direction, and it can be done with sympathy. The type 2 is of those children who are not much self-confident and self-dependent. Those children get overwhelmed by anxiety and fear of failure pretty easily.

Dr. Goldstein explained further that the children belonging to latter category need to be dealt with care and sympathy. You can’t just force them to go and play into the playground especially when you know that they are afraid of falling down. You first have to recognize well the feeling of anxiety your child is having. This would help you to respect that feeling. Once you will start doing it, you will be able to figure out the ways you can reduce that anxiety.

With that said, Dr. Goldstein suggests a few steps which should be followed by the parents to get their parenting adjusted to the children’s temperament.

Getting educated

You may have better knowhow about the temperament changes and their patterns in your child, but you will certainly get caught into a number of situations when you would have no idea what to do. The simple solution to this problem is to get educated. You don’t have to worry if you are not fond of reading books. This is the information age, so you can get this education from the parenting blogs and articles on the web. There, you will also be able to learn about expert opinions regarding different matters and scenarios.

Measure the mindset

The sad fact is that parents around the world think of themselves as the perfect parents and their children the perfect ones. This is the reason they associate high hopes and bigger expectations. After learning about parenting, parents should learn about managing their own feelings and emotions. It would help them learning about the children’s feelings from the core.

Making adjustments

Environment has the bigger role to play in developing the personalities of children. If you think your child is afraid being challenged for something, you can create opportunities for your child rather than forcing him to accept the challenge. By creating an environment full of opportunities, your child will start preferring to stay in the ground for a while in order to explore some more.


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